The GROUND EXPER PRO is the first pulse induction metal detector driven by a tablet that allows perfect identification of metal. You can reach depth up to 5 meters ans see the shape, metal and depth of the target before you even start digging. Don’t waste anymore time digging for Junk !


3D Stealth Scanner

Our Stealth Scanner allows you to find metal and cavities buried up to 12 meters below your feet. When you scan the underground thanks to our tablet, you remain completely invisible since our 8 sensors are hidden in the jacket. Color codes indicate nature of the target and shows you its depth.



We offer a wide range of underground scanning equipments ranging from gradiometers/multisensor magnetometers (X1, X2, X3, X4) to soil resistivity measurement systems (ARS). Our best unit, the X5, is the first device in the world to include 4 technologies in one.



Our Advanced Resistivity Scanner (ARS) allows you to look for metals with discrimination (gold, copper, silver, iron), gold veins, minerals, caves/voids and even water. This is achieved through resistivity analysis. Resistivity is an intrinsic property that quantifies how strongly a given material opposes the flow of electric current.


This is the new edition of the Ground Exper.

This PRO version features wireless connectivity, adjustable discrimination on 5 levels, cell phone control protocole and lots of software improvements for better performances. It’s the first Pulse Induction metal detector in the world that gives you hints about the metal, shape and depth of a target before you even start digging. Scan results appear on cell phone or tablet PC. It can reach depth up to 5 meters ! It comes in 2 new versions: PRO and LIGHT.

Depth up to 5 meters !

Ground Exper is a professional detector that goes really deep (up to several meters) regardless of the nature of the soil

Perfect discrimination

Ground Exper offers never seen before metal discrimination for a pulse induction metal detector. Get rid of big iron rusty objects !

See the target before you dig !

Ground Exper let you see the shape, metal and depth of the object before you even start digging.

Available in 2 packages

Ground Exper PRO comes with Tablet PC, all accessories and 2 extra coils, as well as Wireless connectivity.
Ground Exper LIGHT comes with Android Cell phone, 1x1m coil and USB connectivity for unbeatbale price

Ever-evolving machine

Ground Exper is an ever-evolving and intelligent machine. You can add new metals to its database and teach it how to identify them. You can control it via tablet PC or cell phone and update programs.

Ground Exper comes in 9 languages

Ground Exper engineers offer optimized versions of their products for the region of the world you live in. Finds, metal composition(of gold) have been analysed and were set up in the Ground Exper. Furthermore, it comes in 9 languages :

Stable and easy to use

Ground Exper features automatic static and mineral elimination: get rid of all EMI !
Ground Exper is Easy to use and fully customizable
Ground Exper automatically ground balances according to mineralization level of the soil.

German quality backed by 2 year warranty

We use only top quality components. Our detectors are backed by a two year warranty.

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